As much as you may want to provide copious amounts of information, people do not want to read it. There must be a good mix of text and graphics with limited page scrolling. Studies have shown people would rather click to a new page than scroll more than two screens. Think through what you want the Website to accomplish. Consider these questions:

1. What do I expect from this web site?

We all want our Web sites to produce income by either selling products or developing leads to sell services. People are on the internet looking for information . . . provide it. It is critical to address important issues relative to your business, specifically directed to your target client or customer.

2. What do I want my clients or customers to derive from the site?

Your site should be informative and helpful. Accurately define your services or products and document how they will help your potential clients and customers solve their problems or make their life more pleasant. Use examples and testimonials. Posting articles and white papers helps visitors understand what it is you are trying to accomplish. Just expounding on the "features and benefits" of your own products or services is like preaching to the choir.

3. What is the Purpose of the website?

If your purpose is to sell product then you need to directly address the customer you are trying to reach. If your product is technical, but the decision maker is in management, you need to direct your web site to both entities or you will not make the sale. You must address the needs of management and how you can solve their
problems; and still have your site talk to the technical aspects of how your product or service will integrate into the customer's corporate structure.

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