Hello. I'm Paula, founder of blueship.com and AzureVantage, LLC.


blueship.com, a website design, hosting and marketing company, has been around since 2000. In the past few years, the Internet has changed so drastically that many of my clients were confused and in need of more guidance regarding their on-line business presence. I was hearing questions like:


I realized it was time to re-organize so I could better serve my clients. Part of this reorganization was to separate out the the hosting company. This way, when you contact AzureVantage Hosting (www.AzureVantage.net), you know you are dealing with specialists in hosting and domain name registration. That's what they do and all they do.

blueship.com, although now an AzureVantage, LLC company, is still the website design and marketing company. I am still dedicated to helping you brand your company as well as offering well-designed websites that include all the interactivity you desire whether that be e-commerce, blogs, forums, smart phone integration, audio and video.

The marketing part has drawn in expertise in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Local Optimization, Video/YouTube and Smart Phone tools and integrations. I have been learning from the experts and my goal is to have specialists available for you in each area. I feel this is the best way to assure that you get the quality service you've grown accustomed to.

Marketing design includes making all advertising pieces work together and have a similar look (yes, that's branding). It's also a matter of strategy. What online and offline strategies are going to work best for your situation?

Let's talk about it.