Our Expertise


Marketing Design

You want your website, social media, online videos and printed material to all be recognized as yours. This is called branding. You also want your "look" to reflect the "personality" of your business. Marketing design is not just design but also strategy. What's going on in the world, the calendar, your audience and your locality? How does that effect your business? It takes planning and also the flexibility to move quickly when necessary.

Responsive Web Design

Who wants a website for computers and another for mobile devices? The updating alone would be a nightmare. A website should just recognize the device and serve up your content appropriately. Your website should also integrate your social media and be interactive.

Social Media Management

Want a great way of communication with your customers? Social Media Management includes website integration as well as setting up your Social Media accounts. We can also monitor what's being said about your company and keep your Social Media Presence current. Let's keep the dialog active between your company and your customers!

Search Engine Optimization

It's not just about website content, links and keywords. Although they are important, social media presence and videos have become an important part of your strategy. Even whether your website has mobile capabilities is important in your search engine rankings.

Video Creation and Optimization

Yes, it's true...video should be a part of your marketing strategy. Whether you are having an event, releasing a new product, announcing a milestone or just letting people know you are there, we can create affordable and professional videos for you.

Video Vending Machine

For those who want to take advantage of a video strategy and are willing to do some of the work themselves, we have good news! We have created over 30 different templates, which can be modified in PowerPoint. (the free online version works!) This is an extremely affordable way to get an affordable yet professional video for your business. Check out the Video Vending Machine!